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April 20 2015

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best natural mood stabilizer

We all have our ups and downs now how do we know if we have been really suffering from moodiness? If we are, then we need to know what are the best natural mood stabilizers that individuals can take, without going overboard with expensive and addictive medications. - best natural mood stabilizer

When we suddenly demonstrate a sudden and rather abrupt change of our normal mood where we become extremely irritable, sad, weepy, angry or tetchy, then we are probably suffering from moodiness. It will of course depend a whole lot on the severity as well as the length of the symptoms. Most moodiness occur in children with ADHD and those that are suffering from an anxiety or depression disorder.

It really is interesting to note the research done on the role of sugar in mood swings. If we have youngsters with ADHD, it is very important to ensure they are getting protein at breakfast as opposed to overloading them with sugary cereals. This may cause a sugar spike down the road and there will be moodiness. The protein is very helpful in keeping blood sugar levels steady.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah have uncovered research about sugar meaning it may actually feed cancerous tumors so that is another reason to limit sugar intake.

We are able to keep a diary of our mood swings as that can help us to establish what exactly is triggering these. Can it be diet? We may well realize that it occurs after we use a sugar laden snack or drink or it can be connected with menstrual cycles in females. That will give us a concept of how we can use the most natural mood stabilizers of all, just by changing our diet. We can eat whole grains and lots of fruit and vegetables which supports to build the mood enhancing brain transmitters for example tryptophan and serotonin.

But why not try a supplement with integrated natural mood stabilizers? This can be a great help. As an example the amino acid methionine is also called SAMe. This can be normally produced in our bodies and it can help to increase how much serotonin which is essential for good mood. It was found that those who were not getting enough Vitamin b complex were liable to be in short supply of this and once they started taking the SAMe supplements, they got better. Research at the University of Maryland Clinic notes that this supplement may be just as effective as certain anti anxiety medications. - best natural mood stabilizer

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